What I Learned This Week: #166

Monday, October 12 – Sunday, October, 18

The Week in Waking Up: On Monday I cooked up some link sausages for breakfast. The butcher wrote “Tiny Links” on the package which I found funny. Not “breakfast saus” or “break saus” or some kind of abbreviated identifier, just Tiny Links.

I don’t do a breakfast meat often during the week, and when I do I tend to head to bacon or goetta. For some reason, I associate breakfast links with eating breakfast at a restaurant.

Anyway, as the sausage heated up in the pan, it kept getting louder and louder. Like, I looked over at it from where I was across the kitchen to see if something was wrong. I expected to see sausages trying to jump out of the pan. There was no porcine unrest, but I can’t have that kind of noise first thing in the morning. I’m back to bacon in the house and letting short order cooks take care of my Tiny Link cravings.

Tiny links sizzlin’ and shouting to wake me up in the morning.

The Week in Getting Stones, Not Stoned: Sweet Sistah Splash is a new age/progressive/community centered store that makes the neighborhood more interesting. They have meditation and yoga classes, a “library” where people can sit (on folding chairs) and read from the small selection of books they keep on hand, or you can buy a book for under 5 bucks. They sell tea, and jewelry and spiritual stones, or crystals…I don’t actually know if there is a difference.

What I do know is I was gifted a geode this week and the very next day, for the first time in the dozens and dozens of times I’ve walked past Sweet Sistah Splash, the manager met me on the stoop and beckoned me inside. The weirdness of being gifted a geode must have been on my mind because the first thing my eye traveled to was the table of stones/crystals. She told me some stuff about them that I immediately forgot. But what stuck was this is a neighborhood business that I need to support. In the Covid Era I find myself buying a lot of stuff I don’t need to help businesses out. And that’s why I am now the proud, if somewhat unsure owner of Sodalite (communication, harmony, and trust) and Black Obsidian (self-reflecting, protection, and healing). So far I’m finding their only power is they make me carry them around.

Shiny rocks / Spiritual chunks of the earth

The Week in Prime Day: In addition to supporting the little guys, sometimes I do lean on the ease and efficiency of Amazon. Prime Day happened this week and, though I didn’t buy much (I don’t need much) I used the opportunity to buy some very, very adult items. I do not mean sexy items, I mean adult items. I bought a new soup spoon and a nice kitchen knife. Really thrilling purchases, no? I bought a glass pitcher to replace my ratty, stained plastic one I’ve been using for years. And, if the list wasn’t mundane enough, I picked up a new fangled toilet brush. The cleaning part is made of easily cleanable silicone. Silicone, can you believe it?!? Folks, I mean to tell you, the toilet brush alone made me irrationally happy. If we do have a second lock down in the Covid Era, I will celebrate how much of an adult I am by trying to stay sober enough not to confuse the new spoon with the new toilet brush.

Modern toilet brush! Count me in.

The Week in a Beefeater Martini, with Three Olives, Stirred, Not Shaken: Possibly my favorite cocktail is the aforementioned Beefeater Martini, but it is a drink I very seldom have. At home, I rarely buy gin, and out a lot of bars don’t have Beefeater or inspire confidence that they know how to make a proper martini even if they have the right ingredients. But I know what I like and I know the bartenders at Japp’s can make my gin dreams come true. Oh, and the bit about stirred, not shaken…I really don’t know if I’d know the difference, but the bartenders at Japp’s stir. That’s good enough for me.


The Week in Getting Paid For Doing My Chores: I haven’t gotten paid for doing chores since I was a kid. Today though, I got a treat. I was drearily cleaning the kitchen and finished up with a trip to the dumpster. Someone else must have been cleaning house too because next to the dumpster was an open box of books. I went through them and came away with Donna Tartt’s The Goldfinch. How about that?

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