What I Learned This Week: #167

Monday, October 19 – Sunday, October 25

The Week in Trending: I have been long past due to replace my mattress and with the Covid Winter coming, I finally pulled the trigger and bought a new bed. To keep with modern times, I shopped exclusively on line, researched so many products, and, predictably, put up with my social media being flooded by bed and mattress ads. The internet knows what I need.

After the emotional rush of shopping and dread of being tracked by Facebook, I decided, in a very modern way, to ditch the mattress/box spring set up and go for a foam mattress and a platform bed. Platform bed/mattress combos are nothing more than the suped-up cousins of futons, but with better design. The bed comes as a kit that is easy to put together because it is designed to be put together by people who don’t know shit about building things. The bed kit, like so much modern furniture comes with it’s own tools…a wrench that specifically fits the nuts and a screwdriver with a head that specifically fits the screws. I always think about going to garage sales and there would be a table of “Dad’s old tools,” objects that felt substantial in my hands. When this generation passes, we will have boxes of single use, shoddy tools that we couldn’t possibly throw away in case we needed them again. For many, these may be the only tools they have besides, maybe, a steak knife.

The mattress comes compressed in a mattress sized food-saver package but when you cut the seal and it starts to become a full-sized mattress, it is a million times more satisfying than opening any air sealed food product. Putting together the bed and unfurling the mattress are fairly simple tasks. Lugging the packaging to the dumpster was my real calorie burner.

The bed is great. Again, very modern. I quickly learned that simple store bough sheets are generally cheap and shoddily sewn and don’t fit the mattress. Awful. Sheets are supposed to be the east part about a new bed. Oh well. Bad sheets or not, I’m ready to nest.

The Week in Trendy, but Meh: My co-worker and I walked to the store at lunch where she purchased some kombucha and I must have been transparent enough in my disdain for the drink that she called me out and said I had a bad attitude. Given the fact that I’d never tried kombucha, she may have had a point. Plus, she has mad Jewish Mother guilt skills, so I bought a bottle.

I found it to be meh, at best. It tasted about the same as the fizzy peroxide my dentist makes me rinse with. I just think kombucha is over-priced, trendy nonsense. I still think it after trying it, and it cost me $3.50…That’s $3.50 that could have bought me any number of great tasting drinks.

The week in harmony: Exciting Saturday night finishing up a jigsaw puzzle! This was a tough one with repeating images and super sneaky cuts. The “extra” end pieces I put aside on day one, actually do belong. Awww. It’s beautiful when all the prices come together. #strainingforametaphor

More edge than I knew what to do with.
The “ends” come together in the end.

The Week in Dining: I sat at the bar for dinner at one of my favorite spots, Boomtown Biscuits, and did so with Covid Era pacing. Though I didn’t shove my dinner down my gullet, my time before eating (where I ordered quickly) and after eating (where I ordered my second beer for take out ) was rushed. There were two other people sitting at the bar and we all got a kick out of chatting with one another. Turns out, when you hardly see and talk to new people, when you finally do, they seem extra charming, funny, and smart. I hope I came off the same to them.

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