What I Learned This Week: #173

Monday, December 7 – Sunday, December 13

A very quiet week to report on. It’s like there’s a pandemic and it’s winter, or something. Oh well. Here are three things that I found reasonably notable this week…

The Week in So, This is Christmas: Like everything else. Christmas is a little muted this year and I’m starting to think of the parts of the season I’m missing and not missing. Holiday snacking is high on the list of what I miss.

Holiday snack tables are the best snack tables of the year. Super Bowl parties are the best one-off snack event, but holiday snacking is a season. People pull out their favorite recipes, sweet and savory, and snacks are everywhere. Granted, the Covid era is practically defined by snacking, but the low level noshes that have been sustaining us are not in the same category at traditional festive snacking and makes us run to the gym in January. Chex Mix and Doritos are going to hold me until next Christmas.

The Week in Socks: When you buy socks, you can’t see inside them. Mostly, that is fine. But every now and then I find an unwelcome, stringy surprise. When I see socks like these I either think the manufacturers does not appreciate find craftsmanship, or they have much better toenail management skills than I have.

These socks really got a rise out of me.

The Week in Dressing, the Side Dish (Not the Act of Putting on Clothes): This week I had a powerful, unexplained craving for stuffing, technically dressing since I had no craving to fill a bird’s cavity. I still call it stuffing. I love it, but I only eat it once a year, T-Day. This year that single day was not enough. 2020 is obviously the year of Covid, but it is also the year of the carb.

Stuffing is easy to make, but not easy to make a small amount of. I didn’t even try. I made a whole portion from an whole bag of Pepperidge Farm bread cubes. I made it on Monday and my spoon did not leave the casserole dish for the next several days. My face was imprinted in it like some culinary shroud of Turin. I stuffed my self with dressing to the point where I thought dressing (in clothes) might become a challenge. A couple days and pounds later, I did come to senses and stepped away from the casserole dish. Satisfied, I was!

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