What I Learned This Week: #175

2020 – Monday, December 21 – Sunday, December 27

The Week in This Years is (Finally) Ending: As 2020 comes to end, it is easy to focus on the bad. You don’t even have to focus. That bad shit will just smack you in the face. What I’m choosing to focus on is how I faced 2020. After all, 2020 is leaving, but I’m sticking around. 

Some quick hits: 

  • I rage quit a terrible job. That will never not feel good! 
  • I made a plan for summer that Covid took away and I didn’t let that get me down. I adjusted to the new reality. 
  • My new job is perfect for me. 
  • To support local bars, I’ve been buying all my beer from them instead of from the grocery.
  • Also, to-go cocktails are now a thing!
  • Sure, there weren’t any festivals this year, but that meant an entire year without one use of a port-a-potty. 
  • I always liked jigsaw puzzles, but was never home enough to do them. Now there’s a puzzle on the table all the time, and I have small puzzle library. And, I learned the very controversial storage technique of bagging the end pieces separate from the rest of the pieces to make the next go around start faster. 
  • Pre-Covid I was never home enough to really appreciate my space. I’m home plenty now and my apartment is really nice. Thank goodness.
  • Though I am not a person who just buys stuff just to be buying stuff, I am throwing money at local vendors as a good will gesture to help keep them afloat till Covid settles down. I now own way more t-shirts than I’ve had in years, plus candles, books, and, thanks to the new soul/spiritual store on the corner, crystals.  
  • I refrained from buying a pet. 
  • I caved to wearing sweatpants outside of the house even when I’m not exercising.  
  • After activating my step count on my phone in early May and looking at my very low stats, I dedicated myself to take 10,000 steps a day and to walk after dinner every night. I’ve stuck to it, even as walking in the winter makes me wear all my exercise clothes all at once. 
  • Wearing a mask at my desk all day has finally curbed my workday snacking.
  • But, I do snack more than ever at home and pandemic snacking is guilt free snacking.
  • Because I go out to eat less and cook more, my recipe box is in the process of getting spruced up with my new cooking patterns. (Bonus: I love a good organizing project!)
  • Also, coffee cake. There were a couple months were I always had a coffee cake on my counter. I’d no sooner finish one and then I’d make another. I now have several coffee cakes in my repertoire and I’ve found I can slice and bag them to take to work (Covid proofing them). I love sharing food, and there is something comforting about coffee cake that has hit a nerve with my coworkers.  
  • I’ve learned to redefine my daily being. I can control nothing except how I deal with what is going on. I can spend time thinking about what my days aren’t, or I can appreciate what my days actually are. That’s what I do. If cleaning the apartment is the highlight of day, so be it. 

I know Covid doesn’t have a calendar and NYE means nothing, but we’re all human and we mark time. We’ve made it this far with highs and lows and we’re doing as well as can be expected. That’s nothing to be ashamed of.  Oh 2020, you beautiful mess of year, good riddance. 

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