What I Learned This Week: #181

Monday, February 1 – Sunday, February 7, 2021

The Week in What Day It Is, Is it…Friday?: I lived a true, brain-fog Covid week this week as everyday at work felt like Friday and every night I had to shake myself to remember to go to work the next day. I think I said, ‘”oh, it’s not Friday?!?” a dozen times. And by real Friday I was too shaken to believe it was really here. Five Fridays in a row was not as fun as you might think.

The Week in Pot Roast: Whew. It’s a frigid start to February and my body wants to cozy up to some beef. I mean, I’d like to cozy up to a beefy dude, but it’s Covid, so actual beef will have to do. I decided to try a pot roast, something I haven’t made in years. Big cuts of meat require a lot of planning and freezer space when you live alone, like I do. I’m a planner, though, so bring on the meat.

The four pound Chuck Roast seemed smaller when I ordered and looked at it across the butcher’s counter then when I unwrapped it and looked at it on my counter. Four pounds weighs more than my brain (which I just googled clocks in at approximately 2.5 pounds). The plan? I made a simple pot roast in the Instant Pot and defatted the broth. I’ll make some gravy and I’ll have a couple meals of pot roast with vegetables. And mashed potatoes. Mashed potatoes get their own sentence. The remaining strained broth and the remaining meat will make an appearance in a beef, barley, and vegetable soup. Mom is going to take some roast on both ends of the plan. And done. There might not be a lot of degrees outside, but it’s hot and roasty (and beefy) in here.

Some beet fat. Gross!

The Week in a quiet Super Bowl: Super Bowl parties are the easiest. Kids can come. There’s tons of food. And, it doesn’t matter if you watch football throughout the year. If you don’t try to drink as much Bud Light as you can shove down your gullet and the game keeps moving, you can be home relatively early on a “school night.”

This year of course, most of us are already home and, at least for me the snack “table” is guac and chips followed by shrimp cocktail. I miss trying all the dips and trying to eat wings while balancing my plate. But hey, I can double dip to my heart’s content. Plus it’s good practice for a quiet, at home, Mardi Gras. Man, Covid is stupid.

The Week in Tea: It’s been a while since I’ve visited the Churchill’s Fine Teas at Findlay Market, like years. When I walked in today I surprised by a large menu of tea choices. The menu covered most of a wall. It was color coded by the types of teas, and, it was a bit overwhelming. I came in for Earl Grey, a well-known tea. I know it is a black tea, but I somehow did not know Earl Grey is a flavored tea. What I was attributing to great tea leaves is actually Bergamot. Bergamot is not tea, it’s a type of citrus oil. I know this only because Churchill’s offers Classic Earl Grey and Earl Grey 2, with more bergamot. Now I know. For my money and from now on, in my head I’ll be drinking Earl of Bergamot tea. That’s just better marketing.

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