What I Learned This Week: #185

Monday, March 1 – Sunday, March 7, 2021

The Week in Another Year in the Books – Part One, My Birthday: I celebrated my birthday this week, making me one of the last people to have a Covid Era Birthday. Normally the first week of March marks the beginning of a four week mad dash of social activities: my Birthday, Bock Fest, the Wine Festival, St. Patrick’s Day , NCAA Basketball Tourney, and Opening Day. Me, and my liver, anticipate this four week run with immature abandon. Last year, Bock Fest was the final activity before the official shut down and ended (temporarily) the social calendar. This year, the festivities are back, but WAY muted. Which brings me to my birthday.

I normally don’t take the day off of work for my birthday, but decided, based mostly on the weather report, to take it off this year. About the last thing I need is another day to figure out how to entertain myself, but I did it, and I’m glad I did. Starting with…

The Week in Another Year in the Books – Part One, My Birthday Begins With A Beer: The only event I could find unique to my birthday, and Covid-respectful, luckily happened within spitting distance of my apartment at Braxton, OTR. The brewery premiered a Stout collaboration with Graeters Ice Cream, Caramel Macchiato Milk Stout. The event started at 8:30 am, and I was there, drinking beer, eating a free raspberry chocolate chip donut and starting my birthday off like a frat boy on a bender. I mean, I didn’t go on a bender, but I had a two beers under my belt by 10 am. And, despite my skepticism about flavored beer, once the beer got down to just a little bit below room temp, it was delicious.

Beer for breakfast, yes please!

The Week in Another Year in the Books – Part One, My Birthday Goes With the Flow: And then I stopped in the local hippie vibe store to get a new crystal…citrine, for prosperity and positive energy. And then I walked to the river, nearly cresting at flood stage, always a sight to see. Then I ate lunch, outside in the sunshine at Moerlein. Then I took a nap (because I’m old!). And then I went out for one last night cap. Met a Covid-respectful amount of friends along the way. Home by 9. Covid birthdays are similar to what I’m used to, but more low key. Next year, hopefully, my birthday will kickoff the 2022 social season, like god intended!!!

Stone. River. Rail.

The Week in You Can’t Keep a Good/Goat Festival Down- Part One, Parade: As noted, this week is traditionally Bock Fest, and I’ve posted many, many pictures of the the Bock Fest parade and festivities in the past. This year, most notably, the Bock Fest parade and the Bock Fest Beer Hall celebrations were canceled as online events, and some low key in-person events substituted. I was resigned to this, as all festivals in the Covid Era have used this model.

When I left work on Friday, about the time the cancelled Bock Fest parade would have been kicking off, I was surprised and tickled to see a small band of Bock Fest organizers participating in a make-shift, sidewalk restricted, full Bock Fest regalia parade! They left Arnold’s Bar, walked on the sidewalk, obeying pedestrian crossing rules, and ended up at Old St. Mary’s for the Blessing of the Beer and some other traditional Bock Fest “business.” I about cried with joy.

Rebel Revelers!

The Week in You Can’t Keep a Good/Goat Festival Down- Part Two, Goat Soup: Every Bock Fest the decidedly not traditionally European Catholic celebrant Taqueria Mercado takes part in the local festivities by serving goat soup (Birria). It is without a doubt, one of my favorite parts of the weekend. This year, they Birria-d us once again. With a couple of Covid issued to-go Margaritas, that as a pleasant addition to virtual Bock Fest weekend.

The Week in Fish Fry: Like everything mentioned above, last year’s Lenten Fish Fry Season was disrupted by Covid. I’m not going to any of the Church fish fries this year, but I made damn sure I got a piece of Pony OTR fried fish and fries to sustain my until 2022. Mission accomplished..

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