What I Learned This Week: #190

Monday, April 5- Sunday, April 11, 2021

The Week in Frat Boy Breakfast: Sometimes when I wake up too late to get breakfast at home, I grab a breakfast burrito at Coffee Emporium, a $5.95, beautifully prepared breakfast option. Sometimes, when I wake up too late to even make it through the line the Coffee Emporium, I hit the El Monterey Burrito selection at Kroger OTR.

Ah yes. My inner frat boy gets a little of my attention. And I LOVE these $1.50 treats. I love that Kroger only charged me $1.29. I love that the cooking instructions have an Asian restaurant menu font. And I love that the first ingredient is water. Also, $1.29!

The Week in Ramen Surprise: At the Asian store picking Ramen is a bit like pick and pray beer specials, the kind where you dip your hand into the vat of ice water and whatever beer you pull out is the one you’re stuck with. As with beer, I tend to like all the ramen packs I’ve picked, but I like some better than others.

This week’s Jjajang sauce was a surprising win. The sauce pack is huge, and it is already sauce, not a powder. As instructed, I heated it boiling water, multi-tasking with the last minute of noodle cooking. The sauce was a dark rich brown color with chunks of black beans. It’s not pictured because I ate it too fast. If I told my college age self this was the type of ramen I’d be eating in 30 years I would have not believed myself. I’ve come a long way!

The Week in Not Enough Juice: One of my more unusual responses to the Covid business restrictions was outfitting my car with some basic tools to use in case I couldn’t get needed service. I have a tire air pump that plugs into the lighter which I did have to use. I also have a portable jump battery, which I have not had to use. Until Friday. I was working at my part time job and a couple came in to see if we sold jumper cables. We don’t and it was then the guy said his battery was dead in the parking lot. Ooooh! This is why I bought the thing!

I went out and got it out of my car, handed it to him and went back into work. I told him I didn’t know how much juice it had. Sadly, when he returned it, he said it was not enough. The charge was at 59%, maybe enough to start my little car, but not his big one. I was bummed I couldn’t help him, but learned a lesson about keeping that thing charged.

The Week in Out, Really Out: Pfizer 2 happened this week, and though I’m still in the 14 day window of being fully vaccinated, I’m a bit more willing to (cautiously) step out. In fact, on Saturday, I did a late afternoon bar hop – Knockback Nats, Americano, Rebel Mettle Brewery, Plum Street Cafe, and Madonnas. You can see I feel like I have to make up a lot of ground. All of the places were moderately busy. Knockbacks and Madonna’s seemed the most “normal” though precautions are still very apparent.

At Rebel Mettle, the new brewery, we were about to leave when the band was starting up. I was so happy to see them, I dropped money in their tip bucket before I heard a single note. We did stay for a song, and it was just so great and normal to see live music. Speaking of normal, I used the restroom at the brewery and the stall was out of toilet paper. I ain’t mad at ’em. We’re all out of practice with some of the little things. No TP in the stall seemed exceptionally normal to me.

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