What I Learned This Week: #192 and #193

Monday, April 19 – Sunday, May 2, 2021

The Week in Here Comes My Social Life: I love that I was too busy to actually post last week’s weekly thoughts on time. I had to actually go to social activities that took place outside of my apartment. A wonderful development.

The Week in 420, Heh, Heh: April 20, International Cannaibis day, or, as the neighborhood store called it “Reggae Day,” just makes me laugh all day. While marijuana and cdb oil gain in popularity and continue to be more and more legal, 420 still retains a little of its counter culture roots. I took a minute to listen to Willie Nelson and other related activities (wink, wink) and dreamt of sticking it to the man.

The Week in Restaurant Week: Restaurant Week is an easy time to contact a friend and schedule a dinner. For some reason, eating out during Restaurant Week seems like I’m participating in something more than just dinner. How it works is any participating restaurant puts together a prix fix menu at a low-ish price. This year, the magic number was $36. For that price it’s worth finding and trying new places around town, a form of food tourism.

I went to two places. I got four courses at Mita’s (including their outstanding ceviche), and three courses at Butcher and Barrel. Both meals included dessert at the final course, and that’s a rare eating out treat for me. I buy lots of expensive and extra stuff at restaurants, mostly alcohol, but I rarely get dessert. Dessert is good, but I like fitting into my pants. Also, at Butcher and Barrel I was with three people who hadn’t eaten inside at a restaurant in over a year and that made it extra fun.

The Week in Cooking: Part 1, All the Cooking!: Sunday is my day to get my week in order. I straighten up and clean my place. I blog and, I cook for the week. Last Sunday, instead of all that, I went drinking, putting me woefully behind in domestic responsibilities. I made up time with a very efficient cooking session on Monday. I made a hominy chorizo frittata, panang curry with potatoes and cabbage (cheated with pre-made tin of curry, but it counts), and an Italian chicken with ham and cheese (a very loose take on Chicken cordon bleu). Best part: I started cooking at 5:30 and was finished and cleaned up by 7:30. That’s mad cookin’ skills!

That’s some ugly chicken, tasty, but ugly.

The Week in Cooking: Part 2, Internet Cooking: Mississippi Pot Roast is one of those internet recipes that people cannot get enough of. It’s easy to make, practically designed for people who can’t cook but can dump stuff in a crock pot. It’s pot roast, an envelope of au jus mix, and envelope ranch dressing mix, a stick of butter and a jar of pepperoncini. That’s it. The result is slightly sweet with a little tang and a lot of mouth feel…very much like turning a piece of meat into a fancy snack food. I liked it well enough but I really prefer a more traditional roast that’s, well, beefy.

The Week in Most Unnecessary Products: At TJ Maxx this week I found a scented jigsaw puzzle. It smells like cool peppermint. I know because I touched the box to release the scent. Maybe the scent will do straight to your head so you don’t have to concentrate on the source of the water in the puzzle’s waterfall.

Stinky picture!

The Week in Other Puzzle News: I’ve been working on this puzzle for weeks. I’m down to the part where pretty much every piece left hooks onto what’s already in place and still, still, the puzzle and I are fighting.

Such a pretty, brutal puzzle

The Week in Art: Found some flower power chalk art on the sidewalk in Washington Park.

Aggressive flower power

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