What I Learned This Week: #196

Monday, May 17 – Sunday, May 23, 2021

The Week in Acting Your Age: I grabbed an early dinner at the bar at Nation in OTR. A couple was leaving as I sat down and another couple was sitting down as I was finishing up. A quiet, early night.

I was glad to see their BLT back on the menu, something COVID supply chain issues had prevented. Also post COVID, Nation has what looks to be an almost entirely new staff. So I was impressed with the way the bartender handled the couple who sat down at the end of my night.

They were an older couple, that is to say, my age. They sat down like they owned the place, which is something a lot of people my age do. I probably do it. We are a confident age group. But then he started asked to be taken care of in a way he was accustomed to, and here’s where we parted ways. He asked for a beer he’d heard of, making it clear which one that was on the 10-pull tap. He asked for golf to be played on the TV in front him, not the one slightly to his right. His wife smiled. I smiled. Then he noticed the music, which was modern, indie-rock stuff, and it was not to his liking. He asked the 20-something bartender if she’d ever heard of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Here’s where I silently wept for my generation. She said she had, and I’m guessing it’s because her parents listened to them. Having heard of RHCP was not enough though. He asked what her favorite songs of theirs was. Here’s where she could of stumbled, but luckily he supplied a couple of song titles and she gamely agreed those were here favorites. Then she asked if he would like if they changed the current music playing to RHCP. Wow! He LOVED that! Here’s where I cheered for the young millennial. I hope he tipped well!

Here’s how my brain felt listening to an explanation of the greatness of the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

The Week in Eyes: I missed my COVID year eye appointment, but finally remembered to put one on my calendar. They asked when my last appointment was, and I really had to think. The COVID era has changed the way I calculate time. I honestly could not remember what part of 2019 that I had been last examined. A complete blank.

Anyway, as a long time wearer of glasses, this was the first time I was offered Blue Blocking lenses to help reduce eye strain when on the computer. I’m still holding out for bionic eyes, but this is a fine start.

The Week in Hollywood: I can’t watch movies at my place; I’m too antsy and always want to get up and do something else. But, I love movies and missed going to see them. This week I went to a theater to see Best Picture winner, Nomadland, starring one of my favorite actresses Francis McDormand. The film is beautifully photographed and filled with moving performances including non-professional actors. It had a lot to say about getting old in America and not much of aging in America is great.

The theater actually welcomed a typical Tuesday night crowd of about 10 people. Every other row was taped off. The previews were as weird as always. Love that they think the same crowd at Nomadland would be excited that Fast and Furious TEN was coming this summer. I’m not thrilled about the $1 COVID service charge, it’s just a reminder to me why movie theaters continue to try to kill the movie-going experience. But they can’t. I was glad to be back.

The Week in Shrimp: I cooked a lovely and tasty Spicy Shrimp and Chickpea Salad from NY Times cooking, cutting the recipe in half so I wouldn’t have to overstuff my gullet with shrimp before it turned. Seafood is not something to make at the beginning of the week and keep nibbling on. I had it for dinner and lunch the next day, and, it was actually better day two. The recipe called for both lemon and lime, but I only used lemon…the original seemed too much like 7-Up!

The Week In Cooking…for Someone Who Is Not Me: Finally, I got to cook something to take somewhere for other people to eat. Even though it was in the 80’s outside, I happily fired up my oven and made two desserts and a potato casserole. I probably would have kept cooking stuff, but it was time to go. Side note: My Pyrex travel container seemed to be disintegrating from a year of sitting quietly on the shelf. I will happily buy new food pack-up gear because I expect to be doing a lot of cooking for people this summer!

The Week in Stocking the Fridge…For Someone Who is Just Me: I’ve learned that parsley and cilantro will last a couple of weeks in the fridge if I put them in a cup with a little water. These bunches are from last week. This is a habit that’s easier to pull off when just one person has access to the fridge. One very frugal person!

Fridge gardening and hey look! It’s Iced Coffee Season!

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