What I Learned This Week: #198

Monday, May 31 – Sunday, June 6, 2021

The Week in Puppies!: A friend of mine fosters dogs. She’s been doing it for a couple years and only has had one “Foster Fail” which actually means she ended up adopting one dog herself. Part of fostering puppies is getting them ready for their forever homes. In addition to vet and normal care, puppies get an extra dose of socialization – they need to be around people.

My friend put out a call to have people come over and “socialize” the dogs, or as I read the invitation, “Come play with puppies!!” So I did. And it’s every bit as great as those slow motion puppy montages on the internet make it out to be.

The Week in Driveways, Actually, One Very Challenging Driveway: It’s not often that a driveway sticks hard in my brain, but the driveway to my friend’s house in a very old part of a small town in Kentucky brought me and my little Chevy Spark to a long, pitted and puddled, gravel driveway. Traveling at the lightening speed of about 5 miles per hour with trees and brush close, gave me the sensation of being in the opening credits of a either a very sincere independent film, or a very typical horror one. I crept along the dilapidated “road” looking for signs of civilization (which I’d been promised in my directions). I could barely make out a house through some overgrown grass but I knew that wasn’t the one. Finally, a clearing! Made it to the house and back out! Patted the (all-terrain) Spark’s dashboard in thanks when I hit the main road!

My Spark in all it’s glory. Also, kudos to the girl who sat down for a smoke just as I was taking this shot.

The Week in Contemporary Art: I went to the Contemporary Arts center for the first time in a long while. Typically a normal stop for me when I’m tooling around downtown (admission is free), I decided to see if I could walk in without reserving time. I could and I did. CAC was still requiring masks, which is fine, but the space is never crowded even in the best of times so it seems more theater than science. Whatever. I went in.

Contemporary Art to me is contemporary psychology. I can’t usually, reliably or sensibly explain the objects in front of me, but I get the biggest kick knowing whatever weirdness or plainness it is, it sprang from someone’s brain, and then enough people deemed that it was worthy of other people viewing it, and then, boom, there I am, looking at it. So, art.

The Week in Day Drinkin’: I took the day off work on Friday to be “on call” for friends who were getting married on Saturday. The point was to make myself available if they needed anything…picking up wayward relatives from the airport, or distracting/entertaining a wayward relative, or errands, or whatever. As it became clearer they weren’t going to need me, I settled quite comfortably in a day drink. It was the first time, in a long while, I could just hang someplace and drink at my own pace. Three bars, three hours, four drinks, a little reading, and then a long, luscious nap. An awesome day.

Book and a beer

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