What I Learned This Week: #205

Monday, July 26 – Sunday, August 1, 2021

The Day in (Briefly) Christmas in July: One one of the week’s hottest, humidest, sunniest days, I crossed the street in front of a car with the windows down blaring “We are the World.” I couldn’t quite find my place in the song in the few seconds I heard, and I quickly realized I was mixing it up with “Do They Know It’s Christmas?.” Both songs have very similar videos and a similar vibe, that of very sincere famous musicians belting it out for charity. I took We are the World for the Christmas song, and even though that’s not correct, I did have a brief, self-delusional, Christmas in July moment.

The Week In Dry: For the last several months, the travel mug that I use to transport my morning coffee to work has, sometimes, but not every time, leaked. Each morning I would fill it up and turn it over to make sure it was shut tight. No leaks. But still, on many days the bottom of my backpack would be wet because the jostling of my walk was too much stress for the mug. Because I’m cheap, I didn’t just run out and buy a new mug, but instead, put the leaky mug in a plastic bag every morning. That solved the problem of the bottom of backpack getting wet, but also caused my coworkers great distress on my behalf. After all, they are putting mugs in their backpacks with no adverse effects. What that hell was my problem?

Anyway, I finally broke down and bought at new mug. It does not leak and my coworkers are very proud of me. Plus they think it’s pretty. Awwww!

The Week in Tragedy and Comedy: The Cincinnati Opera concluded their abbreviated season this week covering both the tragedy of Tosca and the joyous comedy of the Barber of Seville. I have seen Tosca a time or two and had forgotten that all three of the leads die at the end. I mean when Tosca believes that the firing squad is just going to “pretend” to shoot lover I do want to have an intervention, but I just sit there and take it quietly. He dies, of course, as does the suitor vying for Tosca’s affection, as does Tosca. It’s a lot. Tragic, in fact.

But from the moment Barber of Seville starts, you just know the young lovers will triumph in the end. Plus Barber is short, happy, and has both a great opening overture and the killer aria Figaro. No deaths and lots of funny stage business. Good stuff.

I’m glad the opera got to put on some shows, and I never want to see opera under COVID restrictions again.

The Week in Yearly Evaluations: This week I received my 1 year evaluation at work. Work evaluations are weird. They tend to be meaningless unless it’s a bad one. I never know what to do with my face. I want it to seem like I’m taking the process seriously, when, in fact I AM NOT taking the process seriously. Luckily, mine was very positive, and I didn’t have to fight back a single eye-roll. Also, my raise was in effect before my review was even written and I, thankfully, did not have to write out goals for the coming year. My standard answer for the “what are you goals for the coming year” question is simple, “To be hear next year so we can do this again.”

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