What I Learned This Week: #212

Monday, September 20 – Sunday, September 26, 2021

The Week in Wardrobe Change: The season officially changed from summer to fall and, right on cue, I got to wear my first long sleeve shirt of the 2021 Fall Season. Of course, I failed to remember it was flu shot day at work so I got to get a little risque as I off-shouldered my long-sleeve for the shot…and for the people!

Also, at the change of seasons I do love that moment when I revisit clothes I haven’t worn in 6 months. It’s very sentimental!

The Week in Bangs: I get my hair cut every 6 or 7 weeks because I am an adult with a job around other adults and there is some social contract to look like I care what my hair looks like. I nominally care about the whole head of hair, but I am obsessive about my bangs.

When I get a new stylist I patiently explain they can do whatever they want with my head, but my bangs have to be straight, not too short, and preferably thinned out a bit. For a several years I had my hair cut by Kyle, who was probably my bangs’ soulmate. He’s too far away now and I have a new-ish stylist. She just had her third strike this week. She’s nice, but she is not doing my bangs any favors, and I think they miss Kyle.

The Week in Tie-Dye: Rosie’s Cocktails and Pies one of the worst named restaurants to come along in a while, luckily has very good pizza. And, it is very close to my office. On Friday I sat at the bar and had a beer while waiting for a pizza to go. Pie, and why I hate the name of the restaurant, is not generally used as a synonym with pizza in the Midwest. It’s a known synonym, just not a popular one. My pizza was the vegetarian Tie-Dye pizza which was both pretty and delicious. Also, they call it pizza, not pie on the menu, so I’m not sure anyone is committed to any part of the name expect/hope Rosie’s…which I expect will be the whole name soo.

Pizza Pie

The Week in Wedge: I was craving veggies all week and stopped into Sacred Beast for their Wedge salad. Wedge salads were something my Mom ordered when we went out to dinner in the 70’s. The wedge was a big hunk of iceberg lettuce with Thousand Island dressing and bacon bits. Thousand Island, I later learned is not the traditional wedge dressing. That distinction belongs to Bleu Cheese.

I started seeing Wedges again on menus a few years ago (with Bleu Cheese) and I order one up every now and then. Sacred Beast used romaine lettuce and pork belly instead of bacon and they add a jammy egg. It’s very chi-chi, but it really hit the spot. Also pictured below are their “hash browns” which is a potato casserole they cube and deep fry. I can’t expect all my vegetarian escapades to be 100% healthy!!

Wedge and taters

The Week in Percussion and Virtuosity: The Cincinnati Symphony presented their modern music weekend this week. At the Saturday show, composer David Lang came out to introduce his percussion piece, Man Made performed by Sō Percussion. The four man group created sounds from breaking sticks, to hitting wine bottles, to banging on garbage cans in a competition for sound from the full orchestra. Even though much of it was eclectic and innovative, much of it was quite familiar. Me and the couple sitting next to me enjoyed the piece very much even though none of us could explain why. Man Made was recorded on Saturday, and, as far as I can tell, it’s the first recording of the 2013 piece. That’s kind of neat.

Also on the program, Russian Pianist Danil Trifonov, who, unbeknownst to me, is quite a big deal in the world of classical music. I listened to him play Beethoven’s Concerto Number 2, and, although I don’t have the most astute or trained classical music ear, I could really tell he was killing it. I knew it for sure though the second the concerto ended and a group of very knowledgeable and appreciative audience members leapt to their feet for a rousing ovation. I love moments like that.

Trash cans in the pit

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