What I Learned This Week: #215

Monday, October 11 – Sunday, October 17, 2021

The Week In No Soup for Me: After an October of 80 degree days, I was happy that the first fall-like day was my usual day for romping about town. I set my sights on Quan Hapa and sitting down to eat a bowl of their Ramen. In my normal happy, loping across town gait, my face dropped as I got close to the restaurant and saw the brown paper on all the windows. My heart sunk. Even though closed restaurants are practically normal as we work through the final throes of the pandemic, when I’m at places I love, a closed sign is like a slap in the face. With great trepidation I walked up to the sign on the door, hoping it was a labor shortage or some other temporary issue. Luckily, they are closed temporarily for renovation. Whew! I mean, they could have sent me a note. I thought we were closer. LOL! But at least the news was good.

The Week in Hot?: On my way to meet a friend, I passed a store front that I hadn’t noticed before. It was decked out with a couple big copper colored balloons and a sign that said everything was 50% off. I wasn’t planning to stop even when a lady came out of the doorway to personally tell me everything was 50% off. I peeked in. Meh. I don’t need clothes, but would be interested in something colorful. There was one yellow shirt on a rack of brown, beige, and black clothes. It was my size. It looked fine. She said it was 50% off. I was starting to get the feeling this store was in a hurry to get going. I bought the shirt. $15, cash. Whole transaction from in the door to out took 3 minutes. Weird. Nice shirt though.

The Week in a Puzzling Start: “get to know you” phase of my next jigsaw puzzle. It’s the part where I separate out the end pieces and separate the rest of the pieces, roughly, by color. It takes me a couple days. I’ll do the frame and then, big decision for a puzzle nerd, do I do the sky (the hard part) first or last. Lots of drama on the dining room table right now!

Everything in its place, sort of

The Week in What’s Going On: Saturday night was a beautiful, cool night to sleep with the windows open. I slept soundly, right through a car fire in front of my apartment building which I found out about this morning. You know what I didn’t sleep through? I’ll tell ya. Two young women exiting the bars at 2 am-ish singing loudly, screaming really, the lines:

And I say, hey-ey-ey……Hey-ey-ey…I said “Hey, a-what’s going on?” …And I say, hey-ey-ey…Hey-ey-ey…I said “Hey, a-what’s going on?”

Over and over and over, and complete with other neighbors yelling out their window “Shut the fuck up.” I’m curious how a song from 1992 got stuck in their heads on a Saturday night out in hipster land in 2021. Ah, sweet mystery of the ear worm.

The Week in Wild Milk: On my way out of work one day this week, I saw a 1 gallon carton of milk just hanging around in the parking lot. Weird. The next morning, it had moved, in tact, to the side walk. Later that day, it was capless and crumpled, but still holding it’s milk. By the end of the second day, though, it was gone. I think I found it’s skeleton in the trash. I didn’t want to poke around too much to make sure it was the right carton. Anyway, kind of a wholesome, mid-week, downtown drama, I mean, wholesome for 1%!

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