What I Learned This Week: #219

Monday, November 15 – Sunday, November 20, 2021

This is my shortest post ever. My schedule is crammed with all kinds of social events, plus pre-Thanksgiving, plus work. I love it, but I’m left with very little writing time. I’ll try again next week.

The Week in Status Quo: I love the avalanche of recipes and cooking tips that the media provides the week before Thanksgiving, and I admire the chutzpah in the articles telling cooks to “spice up” or ” re-invigorate” the Thanksgiving table. ARE YOU KIDDING ,ME?!!?! Once a year we gather to eat the same 8-10 things, most of which we don’t get the rest of the year. The stuffing isn’t *just* stuffing, it’s grandma’s stuffing. And I get there have to be minor “adjustments” from year to year, but the core is the core. Family gatherings are tough enough these days, leave my corn and green bean casseroles alone!

The Week in Bread: Wednesday was National Bake Bread at Home Day (or something like that), a day that my focaccia baking co-worker was not going to let pass. So he took the savory path and I took the sweet path, making my first ever twist bread.

Let’s Twist Again

I was a little nervous because while I can bake, I am not a pretty baker. Meaning, I personally look fine, but my baked goods are brown: Coffee Cakes, Banana Bread, simple cookies. I don’t use a lot of icing or use molds to create shapes. I get the batter in the bowl and bake (usually at 350) till brown.

For bread day, with sweet bread as my category, I wanted to up my baking game. I put myself in the capable hands of King Arthur Flour and made their Cinnamon-Apple Twist Bread. It worked!

The Week in Roast:

The Week in Touristing: I took some of my old buddies on a Downtown tour this week. It was a low-key, low-stress trip, was short and sweet. I have a lot more stamina than a lot of my friends, but I know how to plan accordingly. We rode the street car instead of walking, shopped instead of drank, and ended the day very early. It is still a blast to take people around the hood, no matter the pace. I am such a homer!!

The Week in Breakfast: Hathaway’s Diner has been a Downtown Cincinnati staple since the 1950’s, tucked into a little nook inside the Carew Tower. A few months ago, they moved to a street facing space in the Tower, and they took the opportunity to shine up their surroundings and step into a modern designed space. I went on a busy Saturday morning with a big group (10!) and we were evenly split on preferring the old vs. new. I like that it’s street facing because I like to see what’s happening. Their food is still great, and, in my opinion, the view of my town is a plus. Did I mention I’m such a homer!

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