What I Learned This Week: #237

Monday, April 25 – Sunday, May 1, 2022

The Week in Shiftwork: I worked two Reds games this week, the last two of the season that I can work after my full time job. My full-time boss does not want me to leave work as early as my part time work wants me to come in. When work gets in the way of work, the work that pays the most wins.

On Tuesday I worked with a married couple. This is fairly common for this type of work. Couples can spend time together and make extra money. The couple I worked with, Don and Joan, work concessions all over the city and they were a delight to work with. First off, they worked and didn’t complain like the young kids I’d previously been paired with. Second, they came prepared. Not only did they bring their own containers of water, but they also brought mats to stand on to make their standing at the stand somewhat more comfortable. I was impressed!

The Week in Books This week, as my book club was getting ready to schedule next month’s meeting, I broke into the Zoom conversation announcing that the meeting was my last one. I can’t speak for how they felt, though I know it was a surprise to them. For myself, I had mixed feelings.

I joined this book club 18 years ago because I wanted to read more books that I didn’t choose myself. Throughout the years, I read a lot of books for book club that I would have never read without book club. So, mission accomplished. And even if I didn’t like the book, and that was often, I loved to hear the women during the discussion. Their insights were always interesting. However, as I’ve moved through the pandemic, my reading habits have changed. I read a little less, and want every one of those books to “count.” In other words, if I don’t like a book, I don’t want to be obligated to finish it if it’s not going well. I will miss discussing books, but I won’t miss my reading feeling like homework.

The Week in Spice: While the book club thing involved my brain, my guts got a starring role on Thursday morning as my belly decided it had some things to say about me powering through the too-spice dinner the night before. Yikes!

I love spicy food but my relationship with it has changed slightly as I age. I still love the flavor of the heat; I just absolutely need to know where I’m going to be first thing the next morning. To that end (so to speak), I often slightly dial down my spice levels at Indian and Thai restaurants where they ask how spicy you want your food to be. I was very confident ordering spice level 8 instead of the highest level, 10 on my Teak stir fry. One bite in, though, and I knew there could be trouble on the horizon.

And so that came to pass (again, so to speak). I had to get my belly in order before heading to work. I texted my boss while simultaneously downing a handful of oyster crackers. I made it though, which means I can probably order a level 7 next time!

The Week in Sisters: The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence is a group of predominantly gay men who dress like a mad mix of drag queens and Catholic nuns, as they do very serious charitable work around the city. They support many gay and trans programs that, among other causes, aim to prevent suicide, or assist with HIV testing and treatment. They do that work with a positive, campy attitude.

This week the Cincinnati branch held a ceremony elevating some of their members to higher ranks in the group. I was a “plus one” for my friend who runs one of the charities the Cincinnati Sisters support and I was very glad to be part of their celebration. These men and women are themselves marginalized and discriminated against, yet they stand up for kindness and goodness. They are awesome.

The Week in Tiny Hairs: Finally, the weather warmed up enough that I wore shorts outside. This is a big deal as I go full on hippie during the winter and stop bowing to the patriarchy…ie, I stop shaving my legs and pits. This week, me and the Venus reunited. As is typical, on my first short-wearing foray of the year, the bright sunshine spotlights weird patches I’ve missed with the razor, and the wind rustles the tiny fine hairs on my kneecaps that I can’t even see. It tickles, and I kind of like it, but once I start shaving for the spring/summer, everything must go. #Smooth

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