“They” said to have an “about” page…Done!


I’m Alana.

I like to read, cook, and watch movies. I’m trying to live a peaceable life without harming others, and trying to live each moment with inspiration for my self and the people around me.

I’ve got a lot of energy and lot to say.

And, I’m freaked out by the number of the word “I” has appeared thus far. Well, it is MY site, amirite?

The site is called Nothing Ever Happens on My Street because I mis-remembered the title of a book I bought in 1st or 2nd grade from Scholastic Reading. (I just googled Scholastic and it still exists…My elementary school is a field, but not everything is a total loss.) In the time I got this page and the time I decided to start actually using it, I found my copy of the book, with my named neatly printed by the teacher insider.

The book is actually called Nothing Every Happens on My Block, by Ellen Raskin. It had a profound impact on my life because its theme is that life is happening all around you if you pay attention.

In the book, Chester Filbert sits on the curb facing the reader. Behind him is a row of houses. Page after page, that takes Chester from morning until his Mom calls him inside, he complains about how boring his street is. Behind him, though, page after page, a lot of stuff is going on. A house catches on fire and the fire truck comes, there’s a petty robbery and the police come, a neighbor gets revenge on the mailman, and more. Chester is oblivious.

So I pay attention. And I comment. And that’s what this blog is about.