What I Learned This Week(s): #236

Monday, April 4 – Sunday, April 24, 2022 Time Marches On The Week in Time: I did not mean to miss two weeks of “weekly” blog posts. A friend’s cancer diagnosis and a new side hustle have consumed not just my actual time, but my perception of time. So, I’m hopefully back on track. HereContinue reading “What I Learned This Week(s): #236”

What I Learned This Week: #233

Monday, March 7 – Sunday, March 20, 2022 The Week in Words: Covering two weeks in this post, and I’m still having a bit of trouble just putting week one into perspective. There was a LOT of minutiae that nevertheless made me quite happy. Silly stuff, really, made up most of the week, like eatingContinue reading “What I Learned This Week: #233”

What I Learned This Week: #232

Monday, February 28 – Sunday, March 6, 2022 The Week in Renewal: My birthday was this week, and more than New Year’s, my birthday is my reset day. If I’m going to make a change, say, trying to shed some pandemic pounds, that starts after my birthday week. Yes, I celebrate the whole week. WhyContinue reading “What I Learned This Week: #232”