Decadent Behavior on Tuesday

Yesterday I treated myself to a mid-week, lunch time Bloody Mary. That right there screams decadence, doesn’t it? Bloody Mary’s are of course associated with brunch and associated with curing hangovers. Or, in my case, the drink signifies me showing off in front of the folks in the restaurant on their lunch hour. My lunchContinue reading “Decadent Behavior on Tuesday”

Cheese and Egg Sandwich Sweat

Nothing makes me feel I’ve got my shit together more than making an egg sandwich on my way to work in the morning. Cooking breakfast, meaning actually heating up a pan…on the stove (!), channels both 50’s housewives and the “you can do it all” woman of the 21st century and  it’s simple. It justContinue reading “Cheese and Egg Sandwich Sweat”

My Cincinnati Orchestra

This weekend I saw Sutton Foster perform with the Cincinnati Pops, or as conductor John Morris Russell always says to the Cincinnati audience, “YOUR Cincinnati Pops!” It was a great show. Foster is an engaging and personable performer. The Orchestra sounded great and the musicians were clearly enjoying themselves. Russell is an effusive conductor whoContinue reading “My Cincinnati Orchestra”