What I Learned This Week

#3 Sunday, May 28 – Saturday, June 3   The Week in Doing Things:  I went to the Art Museum and Bunbury Music Festival. The Week in Good Frites: I also it to one of OTR’s more forward thinking restaurants Pleasantry for Steak and Frites night. Below, though, is a picture of Frites and Steak.  Sure, theContinue reading “What I Learned This Week”

Bunbury Day #3

Third and final day of Bunbury brought perfect weather, an Oscar winner, and another fun day of music. Let’s start with Oscar winner Jared Leto’s band Thirty Seconds to Mars who put on a fun set.  Here’s Jared in the orange hat. So far away…but luckily he jumped into the audience to sing The KillContinue reading “Bunbury Day #3”

Bunbury Day #2

Saturday this year was my least favorite day of programmed music. I’d only heard of a few of the bands, The headliners (Bass Nectar, Pretty Little Lights, and Tech N9ne) play electronic music, which I like, but more as a passing interest. Which is why I’m glad my friends have Unbury, a cookout/tailgate in theContinue reading “Bunbury Day #2”

Bunbury 2017 Day #1

I’m attending Bunbury Music Festival in Cincinnati this weekend. It’s a three day music event.  … And it’s like having a full-time job from noon-ish till 11 pm each day. I’ll have a lot to say and show. You might see a good picture: I’m just a couple people back for the early afternoon setContinue reading “Bunbury 2017 Day #1”