What I Learned This Week: #151

Monday, June 29 – Sunday, July 5 The Week in Confinement Returns: This week felt very similar to how I felt during the height of the Confinement, but a little sadder. This time people are actually out socializing and I’m often not. I’m not hiding out, but I’m not taking every opportunity to mingle withContinue reading “What I Learned This Week: #151”

What I Learned This Week: #149

Monday, June 15 – Sunday, June 21 The Week in Street Weed: Finally, for the first time in the 6 1/2 years I’ve been living and walking around downtown, someone asked me if I wanted to buy some weed. We were walking past each other, and his “ask” was benign and friendly, not much differentContinue reading “What I Learned This Week: #149”

What I Learned This Week: #148

Monday June 8   – Sunday, June 14 The Week in Personal Growth:  I grocery shop with my Mom on Sundays and I usually buy Kroger Sushi for my Sunday dinner. (There is an elderly sushi master somewhere in Japan weeping over the phrase Kroger Sushi.) Every week Cookie mocks my food choice. This week though,Continue reading “What I Learned This Week: #148”

What I Learned This Week: #147

Monday, June 1 – Sunday, June 7 The Week in Pandemic vs. Protests: In this week of protests, I found it difficult to keep our other national tragedy in my head, that is the pandemic. It’s still here, of course. We’d all just been tentatively coming out of our houses when the protests took holdContinue reading “What I Learned This Week: #147”

What I Learned This Week: #146

Monday, May 26 – Sunday, May 31, 2020 Note: I work on this blog periodically through the week. This week there is a noticeable tone change as I worked through my regular nonsensical musings and came up to May 25 when a white police officer murdered George Floyd in Minneapolis and protesting/rioting broke out aroundContinue reading “What I Learned This Week: #146”

What I Learned This Week: #145

Monday, May 18 – Sunday, May 24 The Week in Reopening – Food and Drink: By and large, most restaurants in the downtown/OTR area are open, at least for carry-out. Dining in is still spotty, but many places have created new outdoor street dining. Bar bars (that is, bars that don’t serve food) are takingContinue reading “What I Learned This Week: #145”