Pittsboro in the Morning…Cincy in the Evening

This morning I ate my last breakfast in the south at least for a while and though I did get thisclose to getting grits, the chicken on a biscuit at Al’s Diner captured my gastric imagination. Yep, pretty harsh treatment to my system after last night’s vegan/gluten free dinner, but there you have it. IContinue reading “Pittsboro in the Morning…Cincy in the Evening”

Pittsboro and Beyond: Day 3

The perils of visiting your friends’ farm is that sooner or later, especially say at the height of planting season (!) you’re going to be put to work. After an hour or so of me screwing around on the back porch this morning, I got roped into planting three rows of tomatoes and a rowContinue reading “Pittsboro and Beyond: Day 3”

Pittsboro and Beyond: Day Two

Ended up last night at the Cat’s Cradle entertainment complex in Carraboro. I went to see Sarah Shook, a traditional hard-drinking honky tonk angel of a performer who I like a lot. I misread the program and I thought her back up band was the Two Dollar Pistols. Actually, Sarah Shook’s back up band isContinue reading “Pittsboro and Beyond: Day Two”

What’s in Your Wallet?

Who knows Your Business?   Today I got an urgent email from my primary credit card company. “Please confirm your recent purchase” said the subject line/”Do you recognize this purchase” said the first line of the email. I’ve gotten this type of warning email before but it’s still unnerving enough to make me think HACKED!Continue reading “What’s in Your Wallet?”

Sitting at Bar…Extroverts Edition

  Every year, I try to get to two or three Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra (CSO) performances. I tend to go by myself because even though several friends express an interest in seeing the Symphony, they can’t commit to make it happen…or I can’t wait for them to make the commitment. So I just go, solo.Continue reading “Sitting at Bar…Extroverts Edition”

Waiting for Happy Hour (prices)

The toughest time for me downtown is just after 3 pm and up until 4 pm when I’m hungry and hankering for an adult beverage. My social brain tells me to immediately solve the problem and have a seat at one of my places. My financial brain tells me to chill out and kill timeContinue reading “Waiting for Happy Hour (prices)”