Dude, No Ranch For Me

Ranch dressing is everywhere and loved by nearly everyone. It’s a tough time to be alive if you’re not a fan of Ranch dressing. I know this for a fact, because I’m not a fan of Ranch dressing. Sometimes saying that out loud is exhilarating because I’m standing up for individuality in salad dressing choice.Continue reading “Dude, No Ranch For Me”

I Am Not A Cellphone

Oh millennials. You, by-and-large, are my favorite chunk of people on the planet right now. You’re smart, and energetic, socially conscious and inclusive. Not all of you, of course. Some of you are as schmucky as anyone in any generation. But this is about a prime fault of the millennial generation: You are terrible atContinue reading “I Am Not A Cellphone”


I am having a go at paying for a Massive Online Learning Course, a MOOC. MOOCs, which is just a great word to say out loud, are on-line classes available for free to take, but with a fee if you want to earn a certificate that looks cool on a resume. The classes attract students from around world. I’ve taken classesContinue reading “MOOC”

Non-Fiction is Your Friend

Nobody who asks me for a book recommendation wants me to suggest a non-fiction book. It’s an unwritten rule of recommending books, that the person asking wants a work of fiction. Readers want a basic book with a good story, obviously. But they often want one that’s not too tough to read, and preferably notContinue reading “Non-Fiction is Your Friend”