Let Me Put On a Pot of Coffee

You can keep your oldies stations and TV/Movie reboots. What I’d like to revive from back in the day is sharing a pot of coffee. “Whoa, Grandma. Put down your Folger’s and get with the times.” Right. I know. Starbucks. Keurig. Lattes and cappuccino. This is the golden age of coffee. Coffee shops are aContinue reading “Let Me Put On a Pot of Coffee”

Under the Weather

The weather the last two winters in Cincinnati has been unusually mild and altogether unpredictable. There are unforeseen consequences when the weather goes and does its own thing. Gardeners are freaked out. I’ve been warned, in no uncertain terms that I had to treat my yard for pre-emergent weeds…in February. Plus there’s the political landContinue reading “Under the Weather”