Blink Cincinnati

Last weekend Cincinnati’s downtown core came alive with Blink, a festival filled with art and light installations that seriously surprised and delighted a ton of people. Put together by future-thinking creative minds including those who work in the design and marketing firms around the city, they unleashed the spirit of Cincinnati’s Lumenocity. That event featured a light show on Music Hall that in its 3 year run proved so popular,Continue reading “Blink Cincinnati”

Longfellow – Bar Review

  In a neighborhood full of bars and restaurants, its surprisingly difficult to find a neighborhood bar. Where every new establishment seems to be designed for mass consumption, it’s nice to find a less forced atmosphere, a place that you might stop into even if you weren’t planning to have a drink. You stop because you saw someoneContinue reading “Longfellow – Bar Review”

What I Learned This Week

#3 Sunday, May 28 – Saturday, June 3   The Week in Doing Things:  I went to the Art Museum and Bunbury Music Festival. The Week in Good Frites: I also it to one of OTR’s more forward thinking restaurants Pleasantry for Steak and Frites night. Below, though, is a picture of Frites and Steak.  Sure, theContinue reading “What I Learned This Week”

Dive Bars

As much as I enjoy the new bars and restaurants revitalizing the social scene in Downtown Cincinnati and Over the Rhine, I can’t help but lament the loss of the small neighborhood bar, especially the dive bars. Historically, in the late 1800’s Cincinnati was America’s beer capital of the world. Brewery lore suggests the numberContinue reading “Dive Bars”

Eating on Vine St. in OTR

Living downtown I get to regularly eat and drink at the restaurants and bars that are defining Cincinnati’s food and social scene. Folks who only come to town occasionally always ask me what my favorite restaurant is. I don’t really have a favorite restaurant, but I have lots of favorite things to eat and drink.Continue reading “Eating on Vine St. in OTR”