There’s Truth in the Lies You Tell / Poetry

Here’s a poem about a (probably) dying romantic relationship. It started as a song lyric (in my head), but I’m no musician. So, the words morphed into this here poem.    There’s Truth in the Lies You Tell    The room is empty – We sit side by side You say you’re sorry – You’re tiredContinue reading “There’s Truth in the Lies You Tell / Poetry”

I’ll have a Gimlet

I’m in a poetic mood. So much so, I’m writing poems about cocktails. Here’s one about Gimlets.     Gimlet   In the early 1950’s In a book set in post war WWII Los Angeles Hard-boiled detective Philip Marlowe Praised the gimlet Half gin, half Rose’s Lime Juice The association with the PI makes the drinkContinue reading “I’ll have a Gimlet”