What I Learned This Week: #40

Sunday February  25 – Saturday, March 3 The Week in Flood Water:   The Ohio River had it’s worst flood in 20 years, cresting on Sunday. Living so close to the River, I’m at the waterfront a lot. The parks and public space give the city its boundary and its soul. Of course the riverContinue reading “What I Learned This Week: #40”

What I Learned This Week: #39

Sunday, February 18 – Saturday, February 24   This week JJajang Sauce: This entire week has been stellar and I think it all started with Sunday’s ramen noodle snack which, instead of traditional powdered seasoning, and maybe some oil or soy, this pack had Jjajang Sauce! The dark, mild tasting sauce was lumpy, with lumpsContinue reading “What I Learned This Week: #39”

What I Learned This Week: #38

Sunday, February 11 to Saturday, February 17   The Week Without Pictures: This week was kind of retro, in that I did stuff, but just didn’t commit any of it to electronic imagery. Even without photographic evidence, I had a week. The Week in Unexpected Compliments: Each Sunday I take my Mom grocery shopping. WeContinue reading “What I Learned This Week: #38”

What I Learned this Week: #37

Sunday, February 4   – Saturday, February 11   The Week in Working for a Corporation:  Over the course of my long-ish work career, I’m always fascinated by the Human Relations part of the job. Not the department of HR, but the actual relationship between the humans who work for a company and the actualContinue reading “What I Learned this Week: #37”

What I Learned This Week: #36

Sunday, January 28 – Saturday, February 3   The Week in Not Drinking, Then Drinking: Dry January, a month of not drinking alcohol ended with a Blanton’s Bourbon at my favorite OTR bar Longfellow shared with a pal who also Dry January-ed. I was only tempted to have a drink 2 times during my exercise.Continue reading “What I Learned This Week: #36”

What I Learned This Week: #35

Sunday, January 21  – Saturday January 27   The Week in the Weird Chili: I ate dinner at Los Potrillos in Clifton this week, ordering one of my  favorite things there, the house chili. I like it because it’s weird. It’s basically enchilada sauce (technically a chili sauce which I guess gives them license toContinue reading “What I Learned This Week: #35”

What I Learned This Week: #34

Sunday, January 13 – Saturday, January 20   The Week in Bland: I’m not going to blame my sick co-worker for coming to work and spreading it around. I’m going to thank him for a couple of days of food I like, but I don’t get around to very often. Here’s to Toast! Cream ofContinue reading “What I Learned This Week: #34”