What I Learned This Week: #29

Sunday, December 10   – Saturday, December 16   The Week in Consumerism: I work part-time at TJ Maxx, a great place to shop and a great company to work for. And, a great place to watch consumerism and the Christmas holiday collide. My favorite day to work, not only of the holiday season, butContinue reading “What I Learned This Week: #29”

What I Learned This Week: #28

Sunday, December 3 – Saturday, December 9   The Week in Re-setting My Library Book Pile: A couple times a year, I walk through the library (or scour “best of” lists) and pick up a pile of books “that look good.” Then I take that pile home and give ’em a try, fully reading onContinue reading “What I Learned This Week: #28”

What I Learned This Week: #27

Sunday, November 26 – Saturday, December 2   This Week In Catching My Breath: Which starts with last week. I crammed so much friend and family activity, plus cooking, plus working extra at my part-time retail job, the whole week blurred right by. It was wonderful. This week was action-packed, too. This week in NewContinue reading “What I Learned This Week: #27”

What I Learned This Week: #26

Sunday, November 12 – Saturday, November 18   The Week in Eating Healthy: For one of my lunches this week I made an acorn squash stuffed with chard and white beans. The whole recipe is so show-offy. Like, “Look at me. I’m a healthy eater! Ain’t I somethin’?” So I packed my VEGETARIAN lunch and headedContinue reading “What I Learned This Week: #26”

What I Learned This Week: #25

Sunday, November 5 – Saturday, November 12   This Week in Water + Books = Bad: Via social media I learned that Whitaker Elementary School in my old neighborhood suffered a freak flash flood in its library. I didn’t go to to Whitaker for elementary school (I went to the long-ago-torn-down-but-remembered-fondly Cottonwood Elementary), but WhitakerContinue reading “What I Learned This Week: #25”

What I Learned This Week: #24

Sunday, October 29 – Saturday, November 4   The Week in Cat Museums: Maneki-Neko is a Japanese cultural icon known for bringing good luck. Literally translated to Beckoning Cat, a cat with an uplifted paw can be seen at the entrance of shops throughout Japan as a good luck Talisman. The Lucky Cat as it’s popularlyContinue reading “What I Learned This Week: #24”