What Did I Learn This Week?

Sunday, May 14 – Saturday, May 20   MOTHER’S DAY: Mother’s Day started the week. I did my usual Sunday grocery shopping with my own Mother, but, and this is from her own lips, “We can go out to dinner some other time.” My genetic family is weird like that. Whenever it’s possible, we celebrateContinue reading “What Did I Learn This Week?”

Book and a Beer

A couple years ago I came across a Tumbler page called BookandBeer. The page is pretty simple. Every week the guy who runs the page (I think it’s a guy) posts a picture of, wait for it…, a book and a beer submitted from readers. Simple. Here’s the entire premise lifted from their page: WhatContinue reading “Book and a Beer”

Eating on Vine St. in OTR

Living downtown I get to regularly eat and drink at the restaurants and bars that are defining Cincinnati’s food and social scene. Folks who only come to town occasionally always ask me what my favorite restaurant is. I don’t really have a favorite restaurant, but I have lots of favorite things to eat and drink.Continue reading “Eating on Vine St. in OTR”