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What I Learned This Week: 20

Sunday, October 1 - Saturday, October 7   This Week Underground: This week started underneath Cincinnati on American Legacy Tours' Underground Tour benefiting the Cat Adoption Team. I've been on this tour before, but I'm such a homer I couldn't resist a repeat. The tour starts on Vine St discussing Cincinnati's brewing and drinking heritage… Continue reading What I Learned This Week: 20

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Where Oh Where…

Mindfully shopping for items I don't really need   A book that has been on my radar of “books to read” for a long while is Vegas: Memoir of a Dark Season by John Gregory Dunne. I come across the title occasionally in those listicle-type articles the internet is so great at. When the internet wants to suggest an interesting book to me, I click right… Continue reading Where Oh Where…


This Book Will End When I Say It Will End

I’m reading Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace and I’m on page 311 of just under 1100 pages. Before I pick up the book to continue reading I need a moment to regroup. Infinite Jest is a long and complex novel that I have chosen to read for a number of reasons. I expected the… Continue reading This Book Will End When I Say It Will End