Bones Brothers (Food Truck Review)

Spring into summer is food truck season and as a downtown Cincinnati resident and foodie AND cheapskate, I couldn’t be happier. I look forward to the trucks for so many reasons. While some of the trucks are outposts of restaurants I go to (Cuban Pete’s, for example) many are truck-only venues where the “restaurant” comesContinue reading “Bones Brothers (Food Truck Review)”

Proud Rooster (Restaurant Review)

This morning my Western Omelet from the Proud Rooster was squared shaped. I was surprised to see a square instead of rolled or folded omelet. I didn’t realize I had expectations. But, I’d seen so many TV Chefs try to cram the perfect oval omelet shape down my throat. I guess that’s what I wasContinue reading “Proud Rooster (Restaurant Review)”

125 E. Central Parkway, For Example

When I walk around downtown Cincinnati where I live, I try to pay attention to the people and the area around me. I don’t wear ear buds, so I can hear what people are saying to each other and to me. The buildings, the roads, and even the parking lots also have a story toContinue reading “125 E. Central Parkway, For Example”

Birria de Chivo

One of my favorite “every day” type restaurants downtown is Taqueria Mercado. They have good food at good prices and their house margarita actually tastes like an adult beverage. The beer selection is fine and the tequila selection is surprisingly varied. When you get food, they put three house sauces on your table: Green (tomatillo),Continue reading “Birria de Chivo”

My Cincinnati Orchestra

This weekend I saw Sutton Foster perform with the Cincinnati Pops, or as conductor John Morris Russell always says to the Cincinnati audience, “YOUR Cincinnati Pops!” It was a great show. Foster is an engaging and personable performer. The Orchestra sounded great and the musicians were clearly enjoying themselves. Russell is an effusive conductor whoContinue reading “My Cincinnati Orchestra”

Mini Microcinema

Last night I had my first visit to OTR’s Mini Microcinema and was immediately taken with the energy of being where people loved doing what they were doing: filmmakers showing and sharing films. Microcinema exists to show experimental film/video/media, highlighting work made by artists and filmmakers outside of the mainstream. This is a very differentContinue reading “Mini Microcinema”